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1- Identifying the Islamic religion locally and internationally.
2- Establish and develop the culture and religion relationships between Egypt and the world.
3- Providing services for Islam and Muslims, concerning conduct, beleif and culture.


1- Publishing educational and cultural periodical papers in Arabic and other languages.
2- Providing an easy explanation and a good translation for the Qur'an.
3- Search for all the " Ahadeeth ", classifying them and providing explanation in details.
4- Trying to help people to memorize the holy Qur'an and its intonation in the Islamic countries.
5- Providing the articles concerning the Islamic heritage in a useful scientific way and easy to use.
6- Publishing encyclopedias in all the Islamic sciences.
7- Studying the Muslims' situation and publishing information about it.
8- Cooperating with other councils targeting the same objectives and missions in the other countries.
9- Publishing an Islamic magazine in Arabic language with translations for some articles and be published in Cairo.
10- Identifying Islam all over the world, tracing all the claims and falsify it.


1- Publishing the Holy Qur'an in books, CD's and cassettes.
2- Translating the Qur'an meanings into English and French.
3- Providing " Sahih al Bukhari " classified and explained, also " al Ahadeeth al Qudsiah ".
4- Establishment of the international competition for memorizing Islam.
5- Publishing the Islamic " Feqh " encyclopedia.
6- Establishing the institution for the Islamic invitors to provide all the new information concerning the Islamic current issue and Muslims situation for them.
7- Publishing many books concerning the identification of Islam.
8- Providing scholarships and books for the Islamic countries


1- Providing more than 81000 cassettes of Qur'an.
2- Publishing more than 350000 copy about praying and prayer call " Azan " and then translate them to 9 languages.
3- Publish more than 750000 books.
4- The council - during its working period - supervised about 17000 research work and studies as a gift.
5- Establishing about 15000 Islamic centers abroad.
6- Establishing about 30000 Islamic centers and libraries inside Egypt.

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