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The distribution of the Rakas over the five prayers throughout the day is given in the following table :

On the first morning of each of the two feasts. The Feast of the Breaking of the fast (I'dal-Fitr) and the feast of the sacrifice (I'dal-adha), congregational prayers are held. They are performed just after sunrise and they consist only of two rak'as. Although these are similar to Friday prayers they are different in that in the first rak'a before the Fatiha seven "takbirat" (Allah is great)are said, as well as five "takbirat" in the second rak'a.

B) Curtailed prayers:

Are enjoined on the believers.

" When ye journey about the earth, it is no sin for you to curtail your prayers if you fear that those who disbelieve may attack you".

C) Other prayers:

have been reported as being the Prophet's practice on different occasions, the most worthy of these to be mentioned here being prayers for a dead person. This is a form of prayer without bowing or prostration, and the prayers here being, in fact, a form of du'a.

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